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Angelic Supply Company now taking orders

Angelic Supply Companypurveyors of paper goods in the war against evil has come to the internet! 

The war of Good vs. Evil has been going on for a very long time. And although we know that in the end Good will triumph, the tide of battle ebbs and flows and the fortunes of Good are like the fortunes of any war.

Sometimes it seems that, in many ways, Evil is gaining the upper hand and when that happens Good continues the fight both boldly and “underground.” We know that the side of Good needs support in ways that are effective, subtle, and attractive to todays “Resistance fighters.”

And so we invite YOU to join the Resistance! Carry the signs that you fight on the side of Truth, Goodness and Beauty with Angelic Supply Company‘s pocket notebooks, stickers, notecards, greeting cards, patches, pins, art prints, and more.  Bring the battle to all aspects of your life with these signs and symbols of encouragement for you and the Resistance fighters around you. When you see these signs you’ll know you’re not alone!

We are now accepting orders on our initial offerings, take a look here. We start shipping in mid-October.

You can follow our tumblr blog here for news of upcoming products as well as sketches, bits of news, new art, writing, and short items of interest to those engaged in the great battle.

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Join the fight! Help spread the word! Fight the Good Fight … with stationery!